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Purser Course – PYA Accredited

“This has been one of the most informative Courses I have ever done. It opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of yachting, concerning Maritime Law and VAT regulations. I would gladly recommend this to any chief stews who want to broaden their knowledge and skill set. I am personally amazed at how many new skills I have required and look forward putting them into practice! I have to thank our wonderful trainer Sarah for being so patient and helpful, without her guidance and knowledge, it would not have been as enjoyable as it was” – Liesl Both, Chief Stew MY Daydream

“I walked away from this Course Stronger & happier with myself, that I can now be taken seriously & use these new skills I have learnt to be a stronger & more valuable chief stew & now head into the direction of a Purser” – Fern-Kelly Conklin, Chief Stew, MY Troyanda

“Great Course with an amazing teacher. Course is full with a lot of great knowledge & management of Purser Role” – Maja Pettersson, Chief Stew, MY Fortunate Sun

“I found the Course extremely well structured and very informative. Sarah is a brilliant trainer who explained everything in great detail. I have learned so much more than I expected from this course, and coupled with my previous experience, I now feel confident to take in a Purser role on a larger Yacht, as I on how equipped with invaluable information & skills which I don’t think even some pursers may have!” Nicola Topping, Chief Stew, MY Sea Wolf

The theory materials are extensive and practical exercises cement understanding. I definitely feel that I have the knowledge and confidence to progress into the purser role. – Alison Angell, MY Aurelia

The course was very intense and very informative. I gained the knowledge I was looking for and I feel comfortable to work as a Purser in the future. – Agata Woycicka, MY Flying Dragon

I found the course very thorough and very well structured. If you haven’t worked as a Purser yet you’ll get a very good and solid base you can build on. – Brigitte Dolibasic, Project 710

The folder students receive is a gold mine of information.  My expectation of the course were to make me feel a lot more proficient in the job. I do but of course there will always be that initial ‘getting used to the job and finding your feet’ which comes with any job. I’m glad I have this folder to always refer to make sure I am covering all aspects of my job and can be a successful and respected purser. – Jessie Moore, MY Odessa

The course material was relevant, up to date and on point. The course has exceeded my expectations and I have come away with so much more than I expected.- Peta  Stiles, SY Red Dragon

“The PYA is delighted to recommend the Purser course run by The Crew Academy. This bespoke, high-end training will hugely benefit not only the individual crew member, but the entire yacht, with better educated, heightened and skilled personnel. This course is a credit to both The Crew Academy and the PYA and a great reflection of where training for interior crew is now heading for the future.” – Joey Meen PYA

“I am very happy to recommend the Purser course; for any interior crew member who manages a team as chief or second stewardess, and for those in between positions or yachts looking to make a real career out of the industry. It offers a great confidence boost in knowledge and experience, first hand! I’ve found the lessons valuable and sharing experiences with other students vital” – 2nd Stewardess, SY Eos

“General misconceptions exist on how restricted each person’s role is depending on their job title/ department that they belong to. 
The course teaches how to be a strong figure in each department as a Purser, and all the skills needed to be appreciated personally and professionally on board.  

The small class group was greatly beneficial, I feel more well-rounded with my capabilities on-board and most importantly more confidant within myself!

I am very satisfied with this course and excited on all the great contacts I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

 Thank you Crew Academy!” – Lily Lee, 2nd Officer 

“I was very happy with all aspects of this course, the content was very thorough. The ‘live-in’ arrangement was fantastic! It allowed more time to focus on the course. I look forward to watching The Crew Academy grow very strongly in this industry. Well done!” – Karen McMullen, Chief Stewardess

“During my many years in the Yachting Industry I have taken many coursers, and the Purser course has been by far the best!  The material The Crew Academy has put together has given me an immense increase in knowledge and skills, helping me comprehend the on board administrative part of any vessel. Well worth the money and time, I am confident this course will help me bring with me a higher level of organization and professionalism”- Valeria Schmidt, Chief Stewardess

“To future Purser students, I am very delighted to highly recommend this course. Even with over 10 years experience on luxury cruise ships, I found this training very useful, nicely designed for the Yachting Industry, extremely well planned and organized. The material provided is a resourceful “bible”. The villa accommodation is super comfortable, you will feel immediately at home ! I really appreciated the idea of being in a small classroom (max 6 students) as it gives you the opportunity to focus on the program in depth, being supervised and assisted at 360 degrees by all the amazing staff. Taking this opportunity to thank all The Crew Academy Team for their professionalism. I look forward to more courses in the future for my crew and myself.” – Purser, MY Plan B

Advanced Yacht Service – PYA Accredited

“I really enjoyed the course. Everyone was super friendly & available for answering questions. Accommodation was standard. Crockery & glasses were a little mismatched & some were a little unclean. Otherwise good over all. Danielle Smith, 2nd Stew, The Wellesley

“Course was very organised and also a good confidence booster.”Nikula Kotze, 2nd Stew, Fiorente

“I found the course really good and helpful, it did improve my self esteem and motivated me to keep going and do better in the future and how to approach different situation in a calm no rush way.” Solange White Neto,2nd Stew, MY Were Dreams

“I found the Course very very interesting & have come away a lot more confident & knowledgeable about service specific & the yacht industry. Both the trainers were very engaging and the Course was great as there was always the perfect amount of both theory & practical each day. The service lunches I hugely benefited from & will confidently recommend this course to people in the future” Hannah Stewart, Job Hunting

“Well I’m ready to step up to a C.S role even on a 55m, even tomorrow. They really make you feel more comfortable with administration in the boat” Tatajana Tiagnova, Stewardess, MY Arzana Navi

“I feel that the course has most definitely taught me a vast amount of information in many different areas. I have gained confidence in service techniques and am looking forward to joining the industry with lots of new knowledge, skills & techniques. I very much enjoyed that the course was mainly practical!” Aimee Hill – MY Odessa

“I loved the course. It surprised my expectations. The practical and theory mix was great. It gave me great confidence so now I know that my service on any boat will be of top standard. We had a fantastic trainer who made everyday enjoyable and always encouraged us. I am very pleased I chose The Crew Academy to take my course with.” Carla Annas – MY Snowbird

“I have found the course very interesting and helpful. I now feel more comfortable with the service and housekeeping. I feel like my skills have improved so much in only 5 days. I am sure this course will give the me the confidence to find my dream job.” Elena Librandi  – Stewardess

“I feel like I have learnt a lot. Everything was covered and made sense. I shall highly recommend this course. The lunches with real guests could have not been a better way to learn. Thank you all, I will certainly do more courses with you” – Stewardess, MY Mosaique

“I truly recommend this course for all interior crew, it really helped to build my confidence. Thank you” – Chief Stewardess, MY Julia

“The Interior course overall was excellent. It was tailored towards Hermitage so that we were able to get the most out of the training as possible. During the 5-day course the modules included service, housekeeping, cigar, floristry and suitcase packing. The floristry module was extremely beneficial to myself, as I had no prior training in this area. Stewardess, MY Hermitage

‘’Having just spent the last week in an intensive 5-day program tailored for Hermitage I feel I now have the confidence to understand what is expected from me this season. Many training methods were used throughout the course however I feel that the most beneficial was the videoing. I was able to see exactly where I was making mistakes and what areas needed improvement. Stewardess, MY Hermitage

Pure Service Excellence – PYA Accredited

“Great Course! I have walked away from this week with so much more confidence regarding service, as well as overall. Sophie & Becs are fun, knowledgeable trainers that make this Course so positive! There was a lot of information put into the 5 days, but the Wednesday day out was awesome! The practical learning was so beneficial, being able to learn & taste both coffee & wine was awesome. Would 100% recommend this course to a friend!!” Hannah Stewart, Job Hunting

“Overall very helpful, interesting. Helped to improve my skills and knowledge to work on a boat, very indepth information, which is important to me. Great course and I would like to come again for more courses in the future & thank you very much for the trainers – it was great!” Kateryna Galak, Chief Stew, MY Serenity

“I feel more confident , have more ideas how to improve, was given new practical knowledge and how to make the interior department more efficient. Overall I thought the course had good topics and a great teacher, nice group of girls with amazing stories and different experiences. Time well spent and would highly recommend to all Chief Stewardesses.” Karolina Szczytowska – MY Crazy Me

Amazing course which gave me the confidence to lead the interior with more structure and new ideas for more efficiency. Ramona Radu – MY Robusto

“I thorougly enjoyed the course. The course content was exactly what I wanted and I felt that I learnt a lot of transferrable skills.” – Chief Stewardess, MY Elandess

“Very informative, covering a wide range of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. I would strongly recommend this course for any Chief Stewardess.” Chief Stewardess, MY Fathom

Advanced Yacht Service Onboard Training – PYA Accredited

“The course was very useful, provided plenty of interesting facts, tips and information.” – Stewardess, MY Kaiser

3 Day Service Course

“As I have had no previous experience I found the pace of the course excellent. All the service practicals were very useful and I have a much better understanding of service.” – MY White Cloud

Management & Leadership

“The Course was very informative & enjoyable. I would have liked to practice accounting a little more but it was all perfect.” Chandre Robinson, 2nd Stew/Chief Stew, MY Nero

Masterclass & Specialist Training

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 days. I researched courses for quite a while and no other courses covered these areas. The spirits section was interactive and informative, and the instructor held everyone’s attention for the 3 days.Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience having the best of the best in one venue. I’ll definitely be recommending the course and am interested in taking part in future courses.” – 2nd Stewardess, MY Martha Ann

“Marco was a delight to have as our barista trainer. His passion for coffee and his enthusiasm to teach us the correct methods were very impressive. Marco was thorough and also wanted us to know the history and science behind coffee. He also paid attention to us individually when we were practicing our coffee techniques. He is an absolute entertainer as a trainer and I would highly recommend him.” – Chief Stewardess, MY Rahal

“The course Simon provided was one of my favourites, as his extensive knowledge of cigars allowed the team of Rahal to understand the background and history of cigars. During our summer season an incident occurred whilst purchasing cigars in which we recognised an infected box of cigars that contained mites! This could have led to contamination of our humidor and other cigars. As a team we now feel confident to provide a high level of cigar service and knowledge.” – Stewardess, MY Rahal

“The course was informative and instructive on how to produce first class cocktails! Andy was very thorough on all aspects of cocktail making and made sure we had sufficient background knowledge of all the spirits we were going to be using over the 2 day period . His entertaining style of teaching made sure we were attentive and enthusiastic throughout the course. The course gave us the confidence to produce professional cocktails for our guests. For example, on our first charter we were able to make a perfect whiskey sour, which received great feedback from some of our guests on board.” – Stewardess, MY Rahal

Bespoke Onboard Training

“I loved every minute of the course, it was extremely informative and the trainers were incredibly enthusiastic and constantly giving relevant feedback when needed.” Nicole Temblett, Stew/Masseuse, MY Axioma

“Training the new boat and having the most of the girls joining at the same time, absolutely amazing to get everyone on the same page and learning as a team, to build phenomenal and strong service team, was amazing and great for the yacht and better services.” Kristina Lugna, 2nd Stew, MY Axioma

“Yes! Loved Sophie & Lynne teaching our Course. Very positive, fun, bubbly aura about them, learnt so much and can’t wait to practice what I have learnt.” Megan Horrocs, Stew/Masseuse, MY Axioma

“Such a fantastic introducing to service, even as a experienced Stewardess it is really worthwhile to clarify existing skills, and to build new ones. Thanks ladies!” Traveena Subritzky, 3rd Stewardess, MY Axioma

“Really enjoyed the Course wasn’t long enough but this was due to us not having time. Would love to have Sophie & Lynne back in spring for more training.” Rochelle Cameron, Chief Stew, MY Axioma

“I thought the course was great! You guys really listened to my  yacht’s needs and developed a program suitable for us. The Crew Academy’s course was able to teach us better theory and in turn use that in our dry run and adapt the finesse needed.” – Chief Stewardess, 96m MY

“I just wanted to put down in writing what an impact your training has had with the girls. It was a great pleasure to have such a professional, positive and smiley person in her guiding the girls in service and front of house etiquette. Her thorough training in two short days has given [them] the confidence to fulfil their duties extremely well and they in turn have had a big impact in creating a calm, relaxed and  organised interior for the owner.” – Captain, MY Agave