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Yacht Owner Representative Program Courses 2, 3 & 4


Backed by SYBAss, IAMI and GUEST, the Yacht Owner's Representative Program (YORP) is a groundbreaking new course which aims to set a new industry benchmark for the qualification of the owner’s representative role.

The tailored four-course program is being delivered exclusively by The Crew Academy (courses 2, 3 and 4) and Luxury Hospitality Management (course 1). It offers over 200 hours of learning across four courses, covering occupational competencies and the responsibilities which qualify individuals to take on the role of yacht owner’s representative (YOR).

Our YORP courses will be delivered by our team of IAMI GUEST certified trainers, as well as a roster of 30 industry experts on the Palmeira Virtual Learning Training Platform.

If you are interested in applying to take part in YORP, contact or call Andrew on +44 (0) 7566 218506.

For more information about Course 1 of YORP, visit the Luxury Hospitality Management website here.


Who should register for YORP?

The program is directed at any individual wishing to work within a SYBAss registered shipyard on behalf or associated to an owner.
This includes:
  • An appointed Owner Representatives working on any shipyard project.
  • A Yacht Manager or support staff aspiring to understand their relationship with the YOR better.
  • Any SYBAss shipyard employee, Project manager or Build manager.
  • An aspiring Captain, HOD or other crew looking to attain a professional certification in order to work within a SYBAss shipyards.
  • Any crew wishing to come ashore and work within at a shipyard or on a yacht project.
  • A person setting up a new yacht related business and who wants to understand more about the role of YOR’s and the work done within Shipyards.
  • A person who aspires to attain further education and accreditation within the yachting industry.
  • Yacht Designers, naval architects, surveyors and aspiring marine superintendents.
  • DPAs and owners' private office staff.


YORP’s Accrediting & Certification bodies - IAMI & GUEST Certification

The IAMI GUEST certification for this Program is awarded on successful completion of each of the GUEST Yacht Owner Representative Courses, based on the Assessment criteria that specifies the competencies to be achieved, with a Pass/Fail outcome.

The Training Provider issue the IAMI GUEST Course certificate through the IAMI Certification portal, with the current 2023 certification fee set at £65 per course.

The IAMI GUEST Certificates specify the competencies achieved within each course for:

  1. Role and Responsibility Skills. YORP GUEST Unit 40 (delivered by LH here)
  2. Foundations of a New Build Project. YORP GUEST Unit 41
  3. Management and Compliance Obligations. YORP GUEST Unit 42
  4. Specialist Project, Legal and Administrative Knowledge. YORP GUEST Unit 43

Assessment Criteria

The Learning Objectives criteria, within the Yacht Owner Representative Program, are published in each GUEST Course Specifications Document, under the Knowledge, Skills & Behaviour’s tables.

These learning objectives make up the list of topics that will be taught and assessed throughout the course, which are the identified learning outcomes, at the required level, to meet the occupational duties for the role of a Yacht Owner Representative.

The assessments evidence a measurable level of the students’ knowledge, competencies and attitudes of the learning outcomes.

  • Knowledge: States the “know-how” the individual is required to understand in order to carry out the duties of the occupation.
  • Skills: States any relevant “can-do” practical applications required to carry out the duties of the occupation.
  • Behaviours: Are the “mind-set” of attitudes or approaches required to successfully carry out the duties of the occupation.
  • Standards of Assessment are evidenced through a variation of sample assessment methods, completed in-house at the discretion of the Approved Training Provider. Assessments are graded, and include written exams, tests, quizzes, discussion testing, assignments and practical observations, with a “Pass/Fail” result of each assessment, which are recorded in the Student Assessment Record.


YORP Entry Standards & Pre-requisites

The Training Provider is responsible for ensuring the suitability of all candidates.

The required prerequisites for attending the GUEST Yacht Owner Representative program are stated below, and remain at the discretion of the Accredited Training Provider:

Age minimum for attending this IAMI GUEST© Program is strictly 25 years old or over.

All tuition is taught in the International Maritime language, English.

All students MUST have a good knowledge of verbal and written English.

We use a robust list of checks, including Reference checks from CV and previous employment and checks on any relevant further education completed.


Course 2 • YORP Foundations of a New Build Project

Topic 1: Organisation of Shipyards and sub-contractors

To understand the variations of Shipyard requirements, the differences between the various Shipyard models and organisations, including rules, variants and pricing models and the collaborations with Shipyard sub-contractors.

  • The various Shipyard organisation models and how they are structured
  • The various Shipyard project management arrangements and considerations
  • The various Shipyard sub-contractor’s collaboration models
  • The various Shipyard costs and pricing arrangements
  • The risks, responsibilities and rules between Shipyards


Topic 2: Builders Specifications, General Arrangement Plans,

Shipyard Standards and Statutory Knowledge

To understand the process for starting a Build Project and the purpose and development process of the General Arrangement Plan and Specification requirements; as well as the relevant Shipyard Building Standards

  • The processes for starting of a build project, the production guidelines and phases
  • The types, purpose, interpretation and considerations of a general arrangement plan
  • The Shipyards prior new build experience, building standards and application
  • The risks and conflicts for inclusion of a Reference Vessel in a contract.
  • The new build legal frameworks, regulators, stakeholders and the relevancy and consequences for owners


Topic 3: Concept Design, Engineering and Construction Processes

To understand the processes of the Concept Design, Engineering and Construction Process for a Project

  • The build types, terminology and technical know-how and an overview of what is involved within each arrangement.
  • The principal processes relating to each phase of a build and specialised build
  • The milestones and critical points of each process for planning, production and certification


Course 3 • YORP Management and Compliance Obligations

Topic 1: Building the Owners Team and Surveying

Understands how to identify and organise an Owners build project team, with relevant specialists to understand and meet Owner expectations; including requirements for Surveying and Risk Assessment.

  • Identifying Owners Team needs and managing budget.
  • Decision making, schedules, procurement and budgets for the interior designer
  • Project surveys and risk assessments, including surveying experience and required time


Topic 2: Project Planning Management, Owners Decisions and Change Orders

Understands the management of workflows and coordination and contracting of orders and delivery of Items required by the Shipyard, Including the importance and impact of Owners decisions regarding change orders, milestones and payment schedules.

  • Interpreting Shipyard planning and schedules.
  • Managing workflows in line with planning schedules.
  • The impact of milestones on payment schedules
  • Managing Owner decision flow and the impact on planning schedules.
  • Raise, manage and coordinate change orders and variations.


Topic 3: Sub-Project Management of Owners Supplied Items,

Crew Recruitment and Operational Preparations

Understands the management for coordinating procurement and purchasing of items identified in initial contract, including Owners supplied Items and orders and the delivery of interior and soft furnishings, audio video equipment and tenders.

  • The coordination and procurement of Owner supplied Items.
  • Management of supplied Items, budgets, and purchasing costs.
  • Procurement and purchasing, and associated delivery timelines.
  • Crew Recruitment and employment responsibilities, including key crew employment during procurement and set up phases.
  • Administrations and operational preparations and set up, for departure


Topic 4: Delivery, Commissioning and Warranty

To understand the protocols for the Delivery, the phases of Commissioning, the Acceptance Documents, and the contractual and legal aspects of the Warranty and ongoing warranty periods.

  • Protocol and critical stages of the delivery process.
  • Commissioning phases and meeting the set targets
  • Process and preparations for sea trials.
  • Acceptance documentation process and dealing with outstanding issues


Topic 5: Public Image, Confidentiality and dealing with media and Shipyard Teams

To understand how to manage the public image of the New Built Project, and dealing with the media.

  • Public Image, Owner expectations and confidentiality clauses.
  • Media outlets, resources and practices
  • Managing Publicity and Public Image during the Project


Course 4 • YORP Specialist Project, Legal and Administrative Knowledge

Topic 1: Technical Documentation, Operating and Accounting Systems and Reporting

Understands how to structure, organise, oversee and manage the Information documentation and accounting for production-built and custom-built vessels.

  • An organised, controlled and structured Record Keeping of Processes throughout all Phases of the Project
  • Differences between Documentation requirements of Production Vessels and Custom Vessels importance of timing Documentation deliverables.
  • Importance and relevancy of recording information
  • The impact on Shipyard and Owner teams for Contracts, Design, Production, Operations and Warranty
  • Arrangement of onboard technical documentation and the ongoing management and accounting systems.
  • Owners Team Project Cost and Accounting Owner Reporting Processes

Topic 2: Legal Contracts Dispute Resolution.

Understands the legal implications & impact within the various Contracts & Agreements; including understanding the meaning & reference to the terminology used.

  • Legal implications & the Terminology used
  • Contract between the Owner & Owner Representative

If you are interested in applying to take part in YORP, contact  or call Andrew on +44 (0) 7566 218506.

For more information about Course 1 of YORP, visit the Luxury Hospitality Management website here.

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