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Barista & Hot Beverages (IAMI GUEST Unit 11)

Directed at interior crew of all levels, looking to improve their barista and hot beverage skills.


The Crew Academy’s Barista and Hot Beverages eLearning course, accredited by GUEST and IAMI, equips stewards and stewardesses with comprehensive knowledge and skills for exceptional hot beverage preparation and service.
The course covers a range of topics, beginning with the history and global rituals of coffee, tea, and cocoa, the cultural significance of these beverages and their preparation, to provide authentic experiences for guests from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Participants will go through everything they need to know about the preparation of coffee, including brewing methods, milk steaming and latte art. The course also covers safety and hygiene practices and the proper maintenance and cleaning of equipment. Tea, herbal infusions, and cocoa are also covered with insights into flavour profiles, brewing methods, and creative presentation ideas.

The TCA Barista and Hot Beverages course empowers stewards and stewardesses to excel in delivering exceptional beverage experiences. This flexible and self-paced course also provides access to a dedicated trainer for optional private tuition and assistance throughout the entire course.

Your Trainer: Sarah Wood

Born and raised on Canada’s Great Lakes, Sarah spent over ten years working between luxury estates and various superyachts, working her way up to Chief Stewardess on 40-85m vessels.

After moving ashore and working as a consultant for a UK based recruitment and management company, Sarah relocated to Australia with her family and founded a boutique yacht crew recruitment company. Since joining the Crew Academy team Sarah has been refreshing the interior courses and is excited to share her experience and love for the industry as an IAMI GUEST approved trainer, teaching an assortment of interior courses.

Course Format

Total 12-13 hours of blended learning online, allowing students to join from any time-zone and location.

  • Video introduction to Unit (10 minutes)
  • Guided e-learning / Self-study through VLE (8 hours)
  • Series of multiple choice knowledge checks throughout course
  • 1:1 tuition with trainer (1 hour)
  • Practical assessment comprising of 2 video submissions
  • Online written examination (1 hour)

Required Equipment:

  • Good internet, computer and printer
  • Device with video capabilities
  • A coffee maker (Ideally a barista or capsule machine, however a French press, Moka pot, drip machine etc. will suffice)
  • Milk frother (handheld or automatic)
  • Milk jug
  • Mug
  • Ground coffee and milk


Topic 1.
Learning Objective: Understands the history and main varieties of tea, coffee and cocoa.
  • History, cultures and types of tea
  • History, cultures and types of herbal infusions
  • History, cultures and types of coffee
  • History, cultures and types of cocoa
Topic 2.
Learning Objective: Understands how to follow the health and safety procedures for barista and hot beverage service, including care, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and hygienic practices.
  • Personal safety and care
  • Disposing of waste materials
  • Correct use of equipment
Topic 3.
Learning Objective: Understands how to identify and use the main coffee making equipment.
  • Types of coffee & espresso machines
  • Thermometers & temperature gauges
  • Milk frother and milk jugs
  • Types of glassware, crockery & spoons
  • presentation & accompaniments
Topic 4.
Learning Objective: Understands the main principles of quality checks and service for a variety of coffee preferences.
  • Coffee preferences
  • Coffee cultures and services
  • Creating & preparing a perfect espresso
  • Quality checks, presentation & service
Topic 5.
Learning Objective: Understands how to use the tools and equipment to successfully prepare & produce the perfect froth.
  • Ingredients & equipment used to create & prepare froth
  • Latte art techniques
Topic 6.
Learning Objective: Understands how to correctly create and prepare tea rituals and tea services, including herbal infusions.
  • Tea rituals from around the world
  • The main types of tea & herbal infusions
  • Preparing tea & herbal infusions
Topic 7.
Learning Objective: Understands how to correctly create and prepare hot chocolate, cocoa and drinking chocolate beverages.
  • Types of chocolate drinks from around the world
  • Preparing chocolate drinks

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